Prof. Yong JU, Ph. D.

Department of Chemistry, TsinghuaUniversity, Beijing, 100084, P. R. China

Tel: (8610) 62792795

Fax: (8610) 62781695




1992 Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, Lanzhou University, China 

1987 M.S. Organic Chemistry, Lanzhou University, China

1982 B.S.Chemistry, Lanzhou University, China



2003.12 – Present Professor, Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University, China

1995.08 – 2003.11 Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University, China.

2005.11 – 2006.02 Visiting Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, USA

2001.07 – 2002.07 Visiting Professor, Department of Chemistry, OhioStateUniversity, Columbus, Ohio, USA

1996.09 – 1998.03 Visiting Scholar, Department of Plant Science, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, USA

1993 – 1995 Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Chemistry, TsinghuaUniversity.

1982 – 1993 Teaching Assistant, Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, LanzhouUniversity.



Natural Product Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, Chemical Biology.



2000 – Present Synthesis of glycoconjugate, phosphoramidates, phosphopeptide library and the biological function. 

1993 – Present Synthesis of biological small molecules containing phosphorus, their biomimetic reaction and mechanism under the phosphorus participation.

1983 – Present Biological active secondary plant products from plants and their structure-effect relationship and the chemical modification.



  1. 2nd Prize of the Natural Science by the Ministry of Education, China, 2003.

  2. 3rd Prize of the Advancement of Science and Technology by State Education Committee of China, 1997.

  3. 2nd Prize of the Advancement of Science and Technology by State Education Committee of China, 1995.

  4. Young Chemist Prize, GansuProvinceDivision of Chinese Chemistry Society, 1993.

  5. 3rd Prize of the Advancement of Science and Technology by GansuProvinceof China, 1990.




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