Associate Prof. Lei TAO

Tel: 86-10-62792604


Associate Prof. Dr. Tao, born in 1976, graduated from University of Science and Technology of China (Department of Polymer Science and Engineering) to get his Bachelor and Master degrees in 1999 and 2002, respectively. After his PhD study in Warwick university (2003-2006), he moved to University of California, Los Angels (UCLA, USA) in 2006, and then University of New SouthWales (UNSW, Australia) in 2008 as a postdoctral research assistant. In 2010, he joined the Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University. His research interests are focused on the synthesis of well-defined polymers through controllable polymerization methods (radical, cationic and ring-open) and the application of those polymers in biological areas.


Selected Publications

1. Tao L, Mantovani G, Lecolley F, Haddleton DM, α-Aldehyde Terminally Functional Methacrylic Polymers from Living Radical Polymerization: Application in Protein Conjugation “Pegylation, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2004, 126(41), 13220-13221.

2. Tao L, Chen G, Mantovani G, York S, Haddleton DM, Modification of multi-wall carbon nanotube surfaces with poly(amidoamine) dendrons: Synthesis and metal templating, Chemical Communications, 2006, 4949-4951.

3. Tao L, Geng J, Chen G, Xu Y, Ladmiral V, Mantovani G, Haddleton DM, Bioconjugation of biotinylated PAMAM dendrons to avidin, Chemical Communications, 2007, 3441-3443.

4. Tao L, Kaddis CS, Loo RRO, Grover GN, Loo JA, Maynard HD, Synthetic approach to homodimeric protein–polymer conjugates, Chemical Communications, 2009, 2148-2150.

5. Tao L, Liu J, Xu J, Davis TP, Bio-reversible polyPEGylation, Chemical Communications, 2009, 6560-6562.