Yingying ZHANG, Associate Professor,PI



Mailing Address: Room 305, Yejing Building, Tsinghua University,

Beijing 100084, P R China

Group Website: www.yyzhanggroup.com




Scientific Profile:

Dr. Yingying Zhang received her bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Shandong University in 2002 and her Ph.D. degree in physical chemistry from Peking University in 2007. From Jun. 2008 to Jun. 2011, she worked in Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA) as a postdoctoral research associate. Then, she joined Tsinghua University as an associate professor in July of 2011. She is currently a joint faculty member in Department of Chemistry and in the Center for Nano and Micro Mechanics (CNMM).

Her research focuses on the synthesis and basic understanding of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), graphene, silk, and their hybrid materials, toward developing high performance flexible and wearable electronics and smart systems. The representative work includes: (1) synthesized the longest individual carbon nanotubes in the world with chemical vapor deposition base on Schulz-Flory distribution; and experimentally observed structural super-lubricity based on centimeter long double-walled carbon nanotubes; (2) proposed and demonstrated the preparation of carbon nanotube- and graphene-doped silkworm silk by a facile feeding approach; (3) based on biomimetic strategy and using natural derived materials, developed a series of high performance flexible and wearable electronics (strain sensors, E-skin, supercapacitors, etc.) with nanocarbons and hierarchical structured carbon materials. She has authored more than 80 peer-reviewed scientific journal papers, and 8 awarded patents. The results have been highlighted by Nature Nanotechnology、C&E News、Scientific American、 PhysOrg.com、Nanotechweb、Nanowerk、Advanced Science News、Materials Views、Washington Post etc. She has been awarded as “National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholar” (2014) of NSFC, “Young Cutting-Edge Nanochemistry Researcher Award” (2014), National Program for Support of Top-notch Young Professionals(2016)and Young Scholars of Yangtze River scholar professor program(2017).


Research Interests:

Carbon nanotubes; Graphene; Functional Silk Materials, Flexible and Wearable electronics.



Representative Recent Papers

80 papers in journals including Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Communications, Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Journal of the American Chemical Society, ACS nano, Nano Letters etc. (see details in ResearcherID: A-7260-2009)


1. Huimin Wang, Chunya Wang, Muqiang Jian, Qi Wang, Kailun Xia, Zhe Yin, Mingchao Zhang, Xiaoping Liang, Yingying Zhang*. Superelastic Wire-shaped Supercapacitor Sustaining 850% Tensile Strain Based on Carbon Nanotube@Graphene Fiber. Nano Research 2018 10.1007/s12274-017-1782-1 (Cover)

2. Kailun Xia, Chunya Wang, Muqiang Jian, Qi Wang, Yingying Zhang*. CVD growth of fingerprint-like patterned 3D graphene film for an ultrasensitive pressure sensor. Nano Research 2018,11(2),1124-1134.

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