1st Tsinghua-Bristol Joint Nanoscience Symposium was held in Tsinghua University

    The 1st Tsinghua-Bristol Joint Nanoscience Symposium was held at Room 301 of Chemistry Building in Sep. 9, 2013. Prof. Xi Zhang from Tsinghua University and Prof. Charl Faul from Univeristy of Bristol co-chaired the symposium.


    The topics of this symposium focused on nano-characterization techniques, controllable preparation and functionalization of nanomaterial. 14 speakers are Profs. Mervyn Miles, Henkjan Gersen, Annela Seddon, Terry McMaster, Andy Collins, Charl Faul, David Fermin and Simon Hall from University of Bristol, and Profs. Xi Zhang, Guangtao Li, Dongsheng Liu, Xun Wang, Huaping Xu and Liying Jiao from Tsinghua University. 15 students from both universities also had chance to openly present their posters for 5 minutes each in front of all the professors, followed by a 2-hour poster session with hot discussions. The participants expected to continue the symposium in the future, hoping for the further substantiality communication and the promotion of chemistry, physics and biology for both sides.