Xiangshan Science Conference

The 385th Xiangshan Science Conference on Functional Supramolecular Systems was held in Oct. 27-29, in Wenjin International Hotel, Tsinghua University. More than 60 Scientists from 13 countries took part in this conference. Moreover, about 50 students from China, Germany, Belgium, and so on, joined the conference and communicated with each other in the poster section. The emphasis of this year is multilevel molecular assemblies: structure dynamics and functions. Topics like how building blocks self-assemble into large functional supramolecular systems at different scale, both in solution and on solid substrates, are discussed in the conference. The president of Tsinghua University, Prof. Binglin Gu interviewed some of the scientists. It is believed that this conference will provide a forum to exchange creative ideas and promote international collaboration across interdisciplinary basis of the field.

The series of Xiangshan Science Conference on functional supramolecular systems have played an important role in promoting the supramolecular research in Chain. The first Xiangshan Science Conference on functional supramolecular systems was held in 1994 with Prof. Jiacong Shen and Ao-qing Tang as co-chairs. It was extended to be an international conference later on. Different topics are focused at each conference such as “from molecular architecture to functional assembly” (1998), “bridging the gap between materials science and life science” (2001), “micro- and nano-structures as tools for materials science and biotechnology” (2004), and “self-assembly and nanotechnology” (2007). The series of Xiangshan Science Conference on functional supramolecular systems supported and highly respected by many famous scientists around the world like Jean-Marie Lehn in France, George Whitesides in USA, David Reinhoudt in the Netherland, Edi Eisenberg in Canada, Helmut Möhwald in Germany, Gero Decher in France, and many other leading scientists.