The 4th International Symposium of TRR61 Held in Muenster

The 4th international symposium of the Transregional Collaboration Research Centre TRR61 “Multilevel Molecular Assemblies: Structure, Dynamics and Function” was taken place in Lecture hall: S10, Schlossplatz 2, Muenster, May 12th and 13th, 2011. More than one hundred scientists and PhD students from the Department of Chemistry Tsinghua University, Institute of Chemistry CAS, University of Muenster took part in this symposium. The president of University of Muenster Ms. Ursula Nelles gave her address at the opening ceremony. Two invited speakers: Marcel Mayor from Basel University, Switzerland, and Rainer Herges from Kiel University, Germany, gave their wonderful invited talks on “Tailor-made Molecules in Physical Experiments” and “Dynamic Machine-like Function at the Molecular Level” respectively. Project leaders gave their talks about recent progress on their separated projects. The annual symposium provided an appropriate platform to personally discuss results achieved and upcoming challenges regarding the common topics of self assemblies. The PhD student workshop held at Center for Nanotechnology (CeNTech) Muenster in May 16th, 2011, also was high up in the pictures. Young people from different countries got better knowledge of both academic interest and cultures of each other.

Since 2008 about 100 scientists, senior scientists, PhD students and post doctoral students are successfully working within the Sino-German research collaboration. The project currently enters the last year of the initial funding period.