Prof. Peter J. Stang Visited the Department of Chemistry

  Prof. Peter J. Stang, the Distinguished Professor of University of Utah, was invited to visit the Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University on Oct. 23. Profs. Xi Zhang, Jinming Lin, Dongsheng Liu, and Mei-Xiang Wang attended the welcome and discussion meeting in the morning of Oct. 23. They introduced the history as well as the recent development of the Department of Chemistry. After visiting several laboratories and discussing research work with a few professors in the department, Prof. Stang delivered a lecture in Room 301 of Chemistry Building, which is entitled “Abiological Self-Assembly: Predesigned Metallacycles and Metallacages via Coordination". More than 150 teachers and graduate students were present in this lecture session.

  Prof. Stang is the academician of both National Academy of Sciences of the United State and American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He has long been engaged in the study of coordination-driven supramolecular self-assembly, and made comprehensive contributions to the hypervalent iodine chemistry, the alkynyl ester chemistry and organic intermediates (allyl cation, unsaturated carbene). He is the author or coauthor more than 430 scientific publications, including two dozen reviews and six monographs. He was an Associate Editor of the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS) from 1982 until 1999, Editor in Chief of the Journal of Organic Chemistry from January 1, 2000 until October 2001 and is currently Editor of JACS. Prof. Stang was an awardee of numerous academic awards, including Linus Pauling Medal (2006), National Medal of Science (2011), and the forthcoming Priestley Medal (2013), the highest honor of American Chemical Society.


From left to right: Prof. Jinming Lin, Prof. Mei-Xiang Wang, Prof. Peter J. Stang, Prof. Xi Zhang and Prof. Dongsheng Liu.