Sino-German Joint Symposium on Frontiers of Functional Supramolecular Systems held in Tsinghua University

  Sino-German Joint Symposium on Frontiers of Functional Supramolecular Systems was held at Room 301 in Chemistry Building of Tsinghua University during Apr. 21-24, 2013. The symposium was cochaired by Prof Xi Zhang from the Department of Chemistry Tsinghua University and Prof. Holger Schönherr from the University of Siegen.

  One and one is greater than two, this is a proverbial philosophical view. It also works in chemistry through a fact that assembly gives birth to new functions. Functional Supramolecular Systems means molecules assemble with each other on the basis of intermolecular interaction and their cooperation, which results in specific supramolecular structure and new function. The lectures in the symposium referred topics like novel building block of supramolecular system, supramolecular polymerization, self-assembly of macromolecules, theoretical calculations and simulations of supramolecular, photoelectric, catalytic, drug loading and sensory functional supramolecular systems and so on. 

6 speakers from German side, Prof. Frank Würthner and Prof. Robert Luxenhofer (University of Wurzburg), Prof. Holger Schönherr and Prof. Ulrich Jonas (University of Siegen), Prof. Alexander Böker (RWTH Aachen University), Prof. Carsten Schmuck (University of Duisburg-Essen), and 11 speakers from Chinese side, Prof. Lizhu Wu (Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS), Prof. Shu Wang (Institute of Chemistry, CAS), Prof. Zhanting Li (Fudan University), Prof. Wenke Zhang (Jilin University), Prof. Feihe Huang (Zhejiang University), Profs. Xi Zhang, Meixiang Wang, Dongsheng Liu, Zhigang Shuai, Guangtao Li and Huaping Xu (Tsinghua University) gave their lectures about their recent progress on Functional Supramolecular Systems. 17 students from both Germany and China exhibited their posters and had thoroughly discussion with the scientists. About 100 faculties and students from Institute of Chemistry, CAS, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS, Renmin University of China, Tsinghua University as well as Undergraduate Students who had joined Tsinghuaxuetang Program took part in the symposium.

  Similar with the Tsinghua-Netherlands Joint Symposium on Frontiers of Supramolecular Science held last year, this symposium was organized by the Innovative Research Groups (IRG) of Construction, manipulation and application of supramolecular systems, which were supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). These activities aimed for promoting this advanced and interdisciplinary field by substantial international communication and collaborations.