The President of University of Warsaw Visited the Department of Chemistry

  Prof. Marcin Palys, the President of University of Warsaw visited the Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University in Nov. 26th, 2013. Prof. Xi Zhang, Dean of the Department of Chemistry and Prof. Jin-Ming Lin, vice Dean of the Department took part in the reception. Prof. Jin-Ming Lin gave an introduction to the faculty, teaching and research of the Department, as well as the admissions of graduate\undergraduate students and postdoctoral. Prof Xi Zhang then made some highlights on the development and future plan. Prof. MarcinPalys gave a brief introduction to the teaching and research of University of Warsaw. Further communication between the two Universities was discussed.

  University of Warsaw, which was founded in 1816, is the largest and most famous publiccomprehensive university. It has 18 departments and 26 teaching or research institutes. It employs over 9,000 staff including over 2,600 academic educators, and provides graduate courses for 60,000 students.