The Department of Chemistry Launched Organic Chemistry MOOC

   The Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University has launched a massive open online course (MOOC) Organic Chemistry on March 31th, 2014. This course was initiated in January 2014 and is being taught by ten professors in the Department of Chemistry. Besides classroom teaching, some new means including experiment presentation, students’ discussion and online examination are involved in this online course. An experienced teaching assistant team consisting of twenty undergraduates and graduates was recruited for providing help for registered students and operating the routine maintenance. Until March 30, there have been more than 1500 participants who have registered this course.

   Tsinghua University has joined in the online education platform edX since May 2013. This platform was founded by Harvard and MIT. After that, Tsinghua University established a chinese platform, the “Xuetang Online” (, for releasing online courses for students all over the world.