Graduate Student Union hold "Noon Academic Forum” special for international students

“Noon Academic Forum” by the Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University special for international students was held in room 406, Hetian building, at noon of Mar.17th, 2017. More than sixty students including twelve international students attended this forum hold by Graduate Student Union of the Department of Chemistry. Two speakers, Nakamura Yuma from Japan and Muhammad Aizaz Ud Din Mashhood Qureshi from Pakistan gave lectures about their recently research achievment.

Nakamura Yuma supervised by Prof. Zhigang Shuai shared his research work with a report titled as “Intrinsic Carrier Mobility in Stanene---Roles of Electron-Phonon Scatterings”, which was published recently. He also shared his new feeling during study in China--we should help each other in life and be initiative and patient in research work.

Muhammad Aizaz Ud Din Mashhood Qureshi supervised by Prof. Xun Wang gave a report title as “Two dimensional material and their application”, which introduced his significant results on two dimensional material, especially for the alloy comprised of precious metal, such as Pt-Cu/Pt-Ag.

“Noon Academic Forum” is one of conventional academic reactivities of the Department of Chemistry. The forum invites graduate students who make remarkable achievements in research work to share their results and experience, providing lunch, fruit and drink for all the participants. The forum aims to provide a platform for students in different research fields to communicate and cooperate with each, open the mind and improve themselves.