Prof. Ruimao Hua and his coworkers won the AOC 2012 Best Paper Award

  Dr. Ruimao Hua, who is working as professor of chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at Tsinghua University, along with his co-authors, Qingwei Zheng and Youzhi Wan, won the Applied Organometallic Chemistry (AOC) 2012 Best Paper Award owing to their paper: An alternative CuCI-piperidine-catalyzed oxidative homocoupling of terminal alkynes affording 1,3-diynes in air, which was published in AOC in 2010 (;jsessionid=F72E2971308261CDE9A9DCE44291C74E.d01t04).

  AOC is issued by John Wiley & Sons Ltd. One paper per year for the Best Paper Award of this journal is selected from the top 10 articles with the highest numbers of citations and downloads published in AOC in the two previous calendar years (2010-2011). Each member of the Editorial Board then choose their three preferred publications from the top 10 articles, and the paper with the highest nominations is announced the winner of the Best Paper Award.

  Hua's research interest is on the development and application of synthetic methods with high atom-efficiency in the synthesis of functional (hetero)cycles, liquid crystals and organic materials. The paper, selected as the AOC 2012 Best Paper Award reported an efficient and practical catalyst system for the formation of 1,4-disubstituted 1,3-butadiynes from the oxidative homocoupling of terminal alkynes with high selectivity.