New Breakthrough on Chemical Synthetic Antitumor Vaccine

     With the development of medical immunology, therapeutic, vaccines play an important role on the treatment of diseases. Compared with the other therapeutic vaccines, chemical synthetic vaccine has homogeneous component and more confirmable structure. However, chemical synthetic vaccine, which always lacks the size effect and cluster effect, is difficult to elicit strong immune response.

    Recently, Prof. Yan-Mei Li’s group has made the breakthrough on chemical synthetic vaccine. They developed the multivalent glycopeptide antitumor vaccine, which has the cluster effect, using the click chemistry based on the lysine dendritic structure. Results show that this vaccine can elicit robust immune response and produce high titer of IgG antibody. Besides, for the influence of the cluster effect, this vaccine can change the IgG antibody isotype and mainly produces the IgG 2a antibody. This work can provide new ideas for the development of the chemical synthetic vaccine.

    This work was accomplished by the cooperation with Prof. H. Kunz from University of Mainz and was published as a hot paper on Angewandte Chemie International Edition. (Hui Cai, Zhan-Yi Sun, Mei-Sha Chen, Yu-Fen Zhao, Horst Kunz, and Yan-Mei Li. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2014, 53, 1699-1703)