The main courses for B.Sc. program in chemistry are as follows:

Basic Science Courses

Math., Phys., Computer Chemistry Foreign Language Biology
  Analytical Chemistry & Expt    
  Instrumental Analysis & Expt    
Calculus Organic Chemistry & Expt   General Biology & Expt
Geometry and Algebra Physical Chemistry & Expt General English Biochemistry & Expt
Physics & Expt Structural Chemistry Application of English in Chemistry Molecular Biology & Expt
Fundamentals of Computer Software Techniques Introduction to Polymer Chemistry    
  Chemical Biology    
  Advanced Chemical Expt    
  Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering    


Selective Courses in Chemistry



Basic Chemical Engineering

Crystal Chemistry

Quantum Chemistry

Chemical Literature Search

Inorganic Synthesis

Statistical Thermodynamics

Introduction of Polymer Chemistry

Catalytic Chemistry

Organic Synthesis

Engineering Economics

Spectral Identification of Organic Compounds

Coordination Chemistry

Principle and Technology of Separation

Application and Technology of Genic Engineering