Analytical Chemistry

The Institute of Analytical Chemistry is a teaching and researching center for analytical chemistry, both in the fundamental an application aspects. It also offers public service of sample analysis for the science community in the Nation. Our analytical chemistry is a National Key Subject approved by the Ministry of Education. The National Center of Surface Analysis of China, the Coordination Laboratory of National Center for Nanotechnology of China, the Local Center of Material and Life Science of Beijing, and the Collaboration Center of Network for Chinese Traditional Medicine (Ministry of Education) are located in this Center. We have 15 full and associate professors, 5 senior engineers, 1 lecturer and 3 assistant researchers. Among them there are 2 Changjiang professors of MOE, 3 Distinguished Young Scholars from NSFC and 2 Hundred-Talent Professors of Tsinghua University. There are also 22 postdoctoral fellows and over 50 graduate students for Ph.D. and Master Degrees.

Main Research Fields
■ Bio-analytical and Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry
■ Environmental Analytical Chemistry
■ Surface and Material Analytical Chemistry
■ Spectral Analytical Chemistry
■ Electroanalytical Chemistry

Research Projects & Achievements
Our research works have been supported by various resources with an annual funding of about 10 million RMB including 973, 863, and Key Technology Programs from MOST, key projects from NSFC, Ministry of Education and others. There are also several international collaboration programs supported by National and International organizations. In recent five years, the faculties have more than 300 peer-reviewed papers published in international journals and over 30 invention patents. We also received 2 National Award for Science and Technology Advance and more 10 ministry-level awards.

Teaching Activities
We offer courses of Analytical Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis, Chemical Separation, Material Analysis, Spectroscopic Analysis, and Trends in Analytical Chemistry, etc. to undergraduate and graduate students of more than 10 departments.

Research Facilities
This center is well equipped with instruments including STM and TEM for morphology characterization; XFS, ICP-MS, ICP-AES, and AAS for component analysis, XPS and AES for surface analysis; four-circle and powder X-ray diffractionmeter for structural characterization; NMR, ESR, FT-IR, laser Raman spectrometer, GC-MS, LC-MS, MS-MS, and several chromatographic and capillary electrophoretic systems for environmental and biological analysis.