MOE Key Laboratory of Organic Optoelectronics & Molecular Engineering

The Key Laboratory of Organic Optoelectronics & Molecular Engineering of Ministry of Education is aiming at developing new organic optoelectric materials by molecular engineering. We focus on the development of interdisciplinary organic optoelectronics and molecular engineering.

Since the Lab was established in November 2003, we have made achievements in new light-emitting molecules, amphiphilic molecules, biological molecules modified conjugated molecules, photochromic photosensitive molecules, functional comb-type copolymers, nanocrystals and photonic crystals. We’ve also used these novel materials in new organic displays, organic transistors, organic optocouplers, organic solar cells, third-order nonlinear optical switches, new lithium batteries, fuel cells and so on. We’ve developed new methods of nano-crystalline catalysis, atom-economic reactions and green synthesis chemistry. We’ve advanced the theory of organic electronics and molecular Engineering. Based on our insight researches on materials design and synthesis, electrode preparation, organic film growth, device packaging, and other key technologies, we’ve built the first OLED mass-production line of mainland China. We are the first in the world to use high reliability OLED displays on the spacesuits of the astronaut in Shenzhou VII spacecraft.

After seven years of development, the Lab has not only achieved great academic and technological innovations, but also cultivated a group of interdisciplinary talents. We have a high-level research team: 20 professors, 11 associate professors, including 1 Academician of Chinese
Academy of Science, 5 Cheung Kong Scholar Chair Professors, 7 winners of Outstanding Youth Fund and 3 cross-centurytalents of Ministry of Education.

Director: Yong QIU Professor
Vice-Directors: Boqing XU Professor Fushi ZHANG Professor Zhiqiang WANG Professor

Academic Committee                                                                                                                        

Chairman:Chenho TUNG   ProfessorTechnical Institute of Physics & Chemistry, CASAcademician of CAS
Vice-Chairmen: Xiaoyin HONG Professor Tsinghua University 
 Xi ZHANG Professor Tsinghua University Academician of CASAcademician of CAS
 Yong CAO Professor South China University of Technology Academician of CAS
 Hongyuan CHENProfessor Nanjing University Academician of CAS
 Jinpei CHENG Professor Nankai University Academician of CAS
 Shouhua FENG Professor Jilin University Academician of CAS
 Binglin GUProfessor Tsinghua University Academician of CAS
 Mingyuan HE Professor SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Processing Academician of CAS
 Jianguo HOU Professor University of Science & Technology of China Academician of CAS
 Can LI Professor Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics Academician of CAS
 Qifeng ZHOUProfessor Peking University Academician of CAS
 Daoben ZHU Professor Institute of Chemistry Academician of CAS
 Jing ZHU Professor Tsinghua University Academician of CAS
 Yong QIUProfessor Tsinghua University