MOE Key Laboratory of Bioorganic Phosphorus Chemistry & Chemical Biology

The Key Laboratory of Bioorganic Phosphorus Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Ministry of education (MOE) was established since the year of 1989. There are 33 permanent researchers, including 19 full professors and 7 associate professors in the laboratory.

The main research activities in this lab focus on the fundamental aspects of: 1) Synthetic methodology of small active molecules; 2) High sensitivity detection of life systems; 3) Interaction of small molecule with biological macromolecules; 4)Interaction of small molecular groups with biological macromolecules; 5) Medicinal chemistry.

Honorary director: Yufen ZHAO, Professor, Academician of CAS

Director: Yanmei LI, Professor

Academic Committee                                                                                                                        

Chairman:Guoqiang LIN ProfessorShanghai Institute of Organic ChemistryAcademician of CAS
Vice-Chairmen: Yufen ZHAOProfessor Tsinghua UniversityAcademician of CAS
 Guoan LUOProfessor Tsinghua University Academician of CAS 
 Hongyuan CHENProfessor Nanjing University Academician of CAS
 Jinpei CHENG Professor Nankai University Academician of CAS
 Zhengming LIProfessor Nankai University Academician of CES
 Zihe RAOProfessor Nankai University Academician of CAS
 Li-he ZHANGProfessor Peking University  Academician of CAS
 Daoben ZHU Professor Institute of Chemistry, CAS Academician of CAS
 Jian DINGProfessor  Shanghai Institute of Materia Media, CAS Academician of CES
 Liguang LOUProfessor Shanghai Inst. of Materia Media, CAS 
 Dawei MA Professor Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, CAS 
 Xuhong QIAN Professor East China University of Science & Technology 
 Meixiang WANGProfessor Tsinghua University 
 Zhenfeng XI Professor Peking University