Recruitment Information

Position Title:Teaching and research position in the direction of organic optoelectronic chemistry, Assistant Professor.


Job Description: 

Teaching and scientific research in organic optoelectronic chemistry and completing the specified amount of teaching tasks; Developing the research direction of new organic optoelectronic materials and devices to create a new discipline growth point; Undertaking corresponding public service work.


Applicants are expected to hold a Ph.D. in Chemistry (or a closely related discipline), have at least 2 years or above of study or work experiences in a domestic and foreign university or research institution, and have demonstrated the potential to conduct a vigorous and significant research program in the field of organic optoelectronic chemistry as evidenced by their publication record and supporting letters from recognized leaders in the field. The candidate’s expertise and documented research activities must demonstrate strong potential to enhance both the Department’s research and teaching missions. Successful candidates are expected to build strong, externally-funded and highly-visible research programs and to become recognized leaders in their field. The ability to effectively teach at both the graduate and undergraduate levels to a diverse group of students is required.

Materials Required:

Interested candidates should send their detailed curriculum vitae, statements of research and goals, five representative papers, application and 3 reference letters via email to before Oct. 29th, 2021.