Prof. Yongfa ZHU

Tel: 86-10-62787601



Prof. Dr. Zhu received his BS degree in 1985 from Nanjing University and obtained his master degree in 1988 from Peking University. He had studied and worked at Tsinghua University since 1988 to now and received a PhD degree at 1995. He is currently a full professor of Tsinghua University. His current research is focused on photocatalysis and enverionmental catalysis and nanomaterials. He is the author and co-author of 160 original research papers published in international journals, 3 books and 12 patents.


Selected Publications

1. Pan CS, Zhu YF*,New Type of BiPO4 Oxy-Acid Salt Photocatalyst with High Photocatalytic Activity on Degradation of Dye, Environmental Science & Technology, 2010, 44, 5570-5574.

2. Zhang LW, Wang YJ, Cheng HY, Yao WQ, and Zhu YF*, Synthesis of Bi2WO6 Porous Thin Films as Efficient Visible-Active Photocatalyst, Advanced Materials, 2009,21,12,1286-1290.

3. Zhang LW, Fu HB, Zhu YF*, An Efficient TiO2 Photocatalyst by Surface Hybridization with Graphite-like Carbon, Advanced Functional Materials, 2008, 18, 2180-2189.

4. Teng F*, Xu TG, Teng Y, Liang SH, Bulgengauge, Lin J, Yao WQ, Zong RL, Zhu YF*, and Zheng YF, A CL Mode Detector for Rapid Catalyst Selection and Environmental Detection Fabricated by Perovskite Nanoparticles, Environmental Science & Technology, 2008, 42, 3886-3892.

5. Fu HB, Zhang SC, Xu TG, Zhu YF* and Chen JM*, Photocatalytic Degradation of RhB by Fluorinated Bi2WO6 and Distributions of the Intermediate Products, Environmental Science & Technology, 2008, 42, 2085-2091.

6. Zhang H, Zong RL, Zhao JC, and Zhu YF*, Dramatic Visible Photocatalytic Degradation Performances Due to Synergetic Effect of TiO2 with PANI, Environmental Science & Technology, 2008, 42, 3803-3807.

7. Zhu S, Xu T, Fu H, Zhao J, Zhu YF*, Synergetic Effect of Bi2WO6 Photocatalyst with C60 and Enhanced Photoactivity under Visible Irradiation, Environmental Science & Technology, 2007, 41, 6234-6239.

8. Zhao X, Zhu YF*, Synergetic Degradation of Rhodamine B at a Porous ZnWO4 Film Electrode by Combined Electro-oxidation and Photocatalysis, Environmental Science & Technology, 2006, 40, 3367-3372.

9. Fu HB, Pan CS, Yao WQ, Zhu YF*, Visible-Light-Induced Degradation of Rhodamine B by Nanosized Bi2WO6, The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2005, 109 (47), 22432-22439.

10. Zhang C, Zhu YF*, Synthesis of Square Bi2WO6 Nanoplates as High-Activity Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalysts, Chemistry of Materials, 2005, 17 (13), 3537-3545.