Associate Prof. Xiao LIANG


Associate Prof. Dr. Liang was born in 1973, got his BS in 1996 and received his Ph.D in 2001 in Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University. After that, he was appointed as a lecturer by Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University. During the period of 2003 and 2004, he was invited as a research scientist by School of Optics, University of Central Florida. Now he is an associate professor of Tsinghua University. In recent years, he has undertaken several national projects, such as three national high-tech “863” projects, one National Development and Reform Commission industrialization project. He has accumulated plenty of experiences about the transfer of research result to industrialization. His research interests are focused on liquid crystal materials and liquid crystal display, including synthesis and formulation of liquid crystal compounds and mixtures, synthesis of alignment materials used for LCD, alignment mechanism of LC molecules, fast response LC modulators, new type of display mode and novel research about flat panel display materials.




Selected Publications

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