Dr. Shaoguang Zhang, Associate Professor, PI

Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University

Haidian, Beijing 100084, China

Email: sgzhang@tsinghua.edu.cn


ORCID ID: 0000-0002-0931-321X


2004-2008        B.En. in Pharmaceutical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology (Advisors: Prof. Zhiming Zhou, Prof. Zhenfeng Xi)

2008-2013        Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, Peking University (Advisors: Prof. Zhenfeng Xi, Prof. Wen-Xiong Zhang)

Professional Experience

2013-2016         Postdoctoral Researcher, Pacific Northwest National Lab, USA (Advisor: Dr. R. Morris Bullock)

2016-2018         Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Pennsylvania, USA (Advisor: Prof. Neil C. Tomson)

2018-2020         Senior Research Scientist, Process Research and Development, Merck & Co. Inc., USA

2020-present     Associate Professor, PI, Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University

Fields of Interest

Organometallic chemistry, coordination chemistry, catalysis for energy interconversion, enzymatic catalysis, organic synthesis

Honors and Awards

2015 CIBA/YCC Young Scientist Travel Award, ACS Younger Chemists Committee

2015 Outstanding Performance Award, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

2013 Reaxys PhD Prize (Finalist), Reed Elsevier Properties SA

2013 Beijing Municipal Government Award for “Outstanding University Graduates”

2013 Excellent Doctoral Dissertation, Peking University

2012 National Scholarship for Graduate Student, Ministry of Education, China

2011 Principal’s Scholarship, Peking University

2011 Chang-Qing Scholarship, Peking University


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