Yingying ZHANG, Professor, PI



Mailing Address:

Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, P R China

Group Website: www.yyzhanggroup.com

Scientific Profile:

Dr. Yingying Zhang received her Ph.D. degree in physical chemistry from Peking University in 2007. From Jun. 2008 to Jun. 2011, she worked in Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA) as a postdoctoral research associate. Then, she joined Tsinghua University as an associate professor in July of 2011.  

Her research focuses on the synthesis and basic understanding of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), graphene, silk, and their hybrid materials, toward developing high performance flexible and wearable electronics and smart systems. She has authored more than 140 journal papers, including Nat Nanotechnol、Nat Commun、Sci Adv、Matter、Acc Chem Res、PNAS、Adv Mater、JACS、Nano Lett、ACS Nano、Adv Funct Mater etc, with more than 8000 citations. Her works have been highlighted by Nature Nanotechnology、C&E News、Scientific American、 PhysOrg.com etc. Besides, she has authored 1 book and 2 book chapters, and 18 awarded patents. She is serving as the Topic Editor of Accounts of Materials Research, and is on the Advisory Board of Matter, Advanced Materials Technologies, Cell Reports Physical Science, Functional Materials and Devices and etc.

Research Interests:

Carbon nanotubes; Graphene; Functional Silk Materials, Flexible and Wearable electronics.

Representative Papers

1. H. M. Wang, Y. Zhang, X. P. Liang, Y. Y. Zhang*. Smart Fibers and Textiles for Personal Health Management. ACS Nano 2021, 15, 12497-12508.

2. X. P. Liang, H. F. Li, J. X. Dou, Q. Wang, W. Y. He, C. Y. Wang, D. H. Li, J. M. Lin, and Y. Y. Zhang*.Stable and Biocompatible Carbon Nanotube Ink Mediated by Silk Protein for Printed Electronics. Advanced Materials 2020, 32, 31, 2000165.

3. M. C. Zhang, R Guo, K Chen, Y. L. Wang, J. L. Niu, Y. B. Guo, Y. Zhang, Z. Yin, K. L. Xia, B. H. Zhou, H. M. Wang, W. Y. He, J. Liu, Metin Sitti and Y. Y. Zhang*. Microribbons composed of directionally self-assembled nanoflakes as highly stretchable ionic neural electrodes. PNAS 2020, 117, 26, 14667-14675 .

4. H. M. Wang, S. Li, Y. L. Wang, H. M. Wang, X. Y. Shen, M. C. Zhang, H. J. Lu, M. S. He*, Y. Y. Zhang*. Bioinspired Fluffy Fabric with In Situ Grown Carbon Nanotubes for Ultrasensitive Wearable Airflow Sensor. Advanced Materials 2020, 32, 11, 1908214.

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