Prof.Chanjuan XI

Tel: 86-10-62782695


Prof. Dr. Xi got her B.Sc. degree in 1986 at Lanzhou University. Then she joined Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and pursued research program in Physical Chemistry. In course of her work, she earned a Master’s degree in Physical Chemistry in 1994. In 1996, she joined Hokkaido University and earned her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1999, and spent one year as a postdoctoral fellow in Catalysis Research Center, Hokkaido University. In 2000, she joined Department of Chemistry of Tsinghua University. She has involved in teaching <Physical Organic Chemistry> and <Organotransition Metal Chemistry>. Her research interests are in transition metal-induced novel reactions for organic synthesis and activation and functionalization of carbon dioxide.

Selected Publications:

1.Xuewei Luo, Bo Zhang, Chanjuan Xi*, Photoredox-catalyzed hydroxydifluoroacetylation of alkenes with FSO2CF2CO2Me and H2O: simple synthesis of CF2CO2Me-containing alcohols and difluorolactones, Green Chem., 2021, 23, 2324-2328.

2.Zhengning Fan, Yaping Yi, Shenhao Chen, Chanjuan Xi*, Visible-Light-Induced Catalyst-Free Carboxylation of Acylsilanes with Carbon Dioxide, Org. Lett., 2021, 23, 2303-2307.

3.Bo Zhang, Yaping Yi, Zhong-Qian Wu, Chao Chen*, Chanjuan Xi*, Photoredox-catalyzed dicarbofunctionalization of styrenes with amines and CO2: a convenient access to γ-amino acids, Green Chem., 2020, 22, 5961-5965.

4.Wei Hang, Yaping Yi, Chanjuan Xi*, Cp2TiCl2Catalyzed Carboxylation of Aryl Chlorides with Carbon Dioxide in the Presence of nBuMgCl, Organometallics, 2020, 39, 1476-1479.

5.Sheng Wang, Chanjuan Xi*, Recent advances in nucleophile-triggered CO2-incorporated cyclization leading to heterocycles, Chem. Soc. Rev., 2019, 48, 382-404.

6.Zhiqiang Guo, Bo Zhang, Xuehong Wei, Chanjuan Xi*,Reduction of CO2 into Methylene Coupled with the Formation of CS Bonds under NaBH4/I2 System, Org. Lett. 2018, 20, 6678-6681.

7.Zhiqiang Guo, Bo Zhang, Xuehong Wei, Chanjuan Xi*,1,4-Dioxane-Tuned Catalyst-Free Methylation of Amines by CO2 and NaBH4ChemSusChem 2018, 11, 2296-2299.

8.Sheng Wang, Chanjuan Xi*, Nickel-Catalyzed Arylative Carboxylation of Alkynes with Arylmagnesium Reagents and Carbon Dioxide Leading to Trisubstituted Acrylic Acids, Org. Lett. 2018, 20, 4131-4134.

9.Xiaowei Zhang, Sheng Wang, Yu Liu, and Chanjuan Xi*, Triflates-Triggered Intermolecular Cyclization of Carbodiimides Leading to 2‑Aminoquinazolinone and 2,4-Diaminoquinazoline Derivatives, Org. Lett. 2018, 20, 2148-2151.

10.Xiaoyu Yan, Chanjuan Xi*, Advances in transmetalation reactions originated from organozirconium compounds, Coord. Chem. Rev., 2017, 350, 275-284.

11.Sheng Wang, Xiaowei Zhang, Chengyao Cao, Chao Chen* and Chanjuan Xi*,I2-Mediated oxidative bicyclization of 4-pentenamines to prolinol carbamates with CO2 incorporating oxyamination of the C=C bond, Green Chem., 2017, 19, 4515-4519.

12.Sheng Wang, Peng Shao, Gaixia Du, Chanjuan Xi*, MeOTf- and TBD-Mediated Carbonylation of ortho-Arylanilines with CO2 Leading to Phenanthridinones, J. Org. Chem. 2016, 81, 6672-6676.

13.Peng Shao, Sheng Wang, Chao Chen, Chanjuan Xi*, Cp2TiCl2-Catalyzed Regioselective Hydrocarboxylation of Alkenes with CO2, Org. Lett. 2016, 18, 2050-2053.

14.Xiaoyu Yan, Chanjuan Xi*, Multifaceted zirconate complexes in organic synthesis, Coord. Chem. Rev., 2016, 308, 22-31.

15.Xiangli Yi, Chanjuan Xi*, Copper-Promoted Tandem Reaction of Azobenzenes with Allyl Bromides via N=N Bond Cleavage for the Regioselective Synthesis of Quinolines, Org. Lett. 2015, 17, 5836-5839.

16.Sheng Wang, Peng Shao, Chao Chen, Chanjuan Xi*, Copper-Catalyzed Carboxylation of Alkenylzirconocenes with Carbon Dioxide Leading to α,β-Unsaturated Carboxylic Acids, Org. Lett. 2015, 17, 5112-5115.

17.Peng Zhao, Yu Liu, Chanjuan Xi*, MeOTf-Induced Carboannulation of Isothiocyanates and Aryl Alkynes with C=S Bond Cleavage: Access to Indenones, Org. Lett. 2015, 17, 4388-4391.

18.Xiaoyu, Yan, Chanjuan Xi*, Conversion of Zirconacyclopentadienes into Metalloles: Fagan-Nugent Reaction and Beyond, Acc. Chem. Res., 2015, 48, 935-946.


20.Chanjuan Xi*, Chao Chen, In Multicomponent Reactions 2: Stochiometric Metal Participation, pp 439-474, 2013, Science of Synthesis, Edited by Thomas J. J. Müller, Thieme Press.