Associate Prof. Yaowu SHA

Address: Department of Chemistry, TsinghuaUniversity, Beijing , 100084,P.R.CHINA





Associate Prof. Sha holds a B.Sc. from NanKai University (1981), an M.Sc. from NanKai University (1984), and a Ph.D. from the Medical College of Peking University (1991). Following a postdoctoral training in Tsinghua University he joined the team of chemistry department. His main research interests include (1) applied medicinal chemistry and fine chemicals; (3) designing and synthesis of anti-cancer drugs. (4) designing and synthesis of new functional dendrimers.


Recent Publications:

1. Zhang Q, Sha YW, Wang JH, 8-Hydroxyquinoline Dansylates Modified with PAMAM Dendrimer as Fluorescent Fe3+ Sensors, Molecules, 2010, 15(5), 2962-2971

2. Shi DX, Sha YW*, Wang F, Tian QY, Synthesis and photophysical properties of poly(ester-amine) dendrimers with focal 4-amino-N-benzyl-phthalimide, as sensitive media probes and switchable proton sensors, Macromolecules, 2008, 41(20), 7478-7484

3. Wang F, Peng RG, Sha YW, Selective dendritic fluorescent sensors for Zn(II), Molecules, 2008, 13(4), 922-930

4. Tian QY, Shi DX, Sha YW*, CuO and Ag2O/CuO catalyzed oxidation of aldehydes to the corresponding carboxylic acids by molecular oxygen, Molecules, 2008, 13(4), 948-957.

5. Li JB, Sha YW, A convenient synthesis of amino acid methyl esters, Molecules, 2008, 13(5), 1111-1119,

6. Bai N, Sha YW*, Meng G, Efficient and eco-friendly preparation of 4-methyl-5-formyl-thiazole, Molecules, 2008, 13(4), 943-947

7. Peng R, Wang F, Sha YW*, Synthesis of 5-dialkyl(aryl)aminomethyl-8-hydroxyquinoline dansylates as selective fluorescent sensors for Fe3+, Molecules, 2007, 12(5), 1191-1201

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