Prof. Dr. Yong QIU


Prof. Dr. Qiu was born in Sichuan province in 1964. He received a BS in chemistry at Tsinghua University in 1988 and a PhD in chemistry from Tsinghua University in 1994. He is now the vice president of Tsinghua University and the director of the Key Lab of Organic Optoelectronics and Molecular Engineering of Ministry of Education. He is also the chief scientist of the 863 project “High-resolution Flat Panel Display Technology”. He was honored as a Distinguished Young Scholar by the National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2003 and he was appointed as a “Chang Jiang Scholar” by Ministry of Education in 2006. He was awarded as a National Model Teacher by Ministry of Education in 2007. And he won the Prize for Applied Science by the Zhou Guangzhao Foundation. He is working in the field of organic optoelectronics. His current interest is focused on organic semiconductors, the fundamental theories of organic electronics, organic light emitting materials and devices.


Selected Publications:

1. Jiang W, Duan L, Qiao J, Zhang DQ, Dong GF, Wang LD, Qiu Y, Novel star-shaped host materials for highly efficient solution-processed phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2010, 20(29), 6131-6137.

2. He L, Duan L, Qiao J, Dong GF, Wang LD, Qiu Y, Highly Efficient Blue-Green and White Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells Based on a Cationic Iridium Complex with a Bulky Side Group, Chemistry of Materials, 2010,22(11), 3535-3542.

3. Chen L, Dong GF, Duan L, Qiao J, Zhang DQ, Wang LD, Qiu Y, Positional Disorder-Induced Mobility Enhancement in Rapidly Cooled Organic Semiconductor Melts, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2010, 114(19), 9056-9061.

4. He L, Qiao J, Duan L, Dong GF, Zhang DQ, Wang LD, Qiu Y, Toward Highly Efficient Solid-State White Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells: Blue-Green to Red Emitting Cationic Iridium Complexes with Imidazole-Type Ancillary Ligands, Advanced Functional Materials, 2009, 19(18), 2950-2960.

5. Qiao J, Duan L, Tang LT, He L, Wang LD, Qiu Y, High-efficiency orange to near-infrared emissions from bis-cyclometalated iridium complexes with phenyl-benzoquinoline isomers as ligands, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2009, 19 (36), 6573-6580.

6. Dong GF, Zheng HY, Duan L, Wang LD, Qiu Y, High-Performance Organic Optocouplers Based on a Photosensitive Interfacial C-60/NPB Heterojunction, Advanced Materials, 2009, 21 (24), 2501-2504.

7. Sun YD, Duan L, Wei P, Qiao J, Dong GF, Wang LD, Qiu Y, An Ambipolar Transporting Naphtho[2,3-c][1,2,5]thiadiazole Derivative with High Electron and Hole Mobilities, Organic Letters, 2009, 11(10), 2069-2072.

8. He L, Duan L, Qiao J, Wang RJ, Wei P, Wang LD, Qiu Y, Blue-emitting cationic iridium complexes with 2-(1H-pyrazol-1-yl)pyridine as the ancillary ligand for efficient light-emitting electrochemical cells, Advanced Functional Materials, 2008, 18(14), 2123-2131.

9. Qiu Y, Wei P, Zhang DQ, Qiao J, Duan L, Li YK, Gao YD, Wang LD, Novel naphtho[2,3-c][1,2,5]thiadiazole derivative for non-doped small molecular organic red-light-emitting diodes, Advanced Materials, 2006, 18(12), 1607-1611.

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