Prof. Yanmei LI , Ph.D

Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, P.R.China

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1982.9-1987.7 Department of Chemistry, TsinghuaUniversity

Bachelor of Science (Honours in Chemistry)

1987.9-1989.12 Department of Chemistry, TsinghuaUniversity

Master of Science

1989.12-1992.7 Department of Chemistry, TsinghuaUniversity

Doctor of Philosophy


1992.7-1993.12 Department of Chemistry, TsinghuaUniversity Lecturer

1993.12-1998.8 Department of Chemistry, TsinghuaUniversity Associate Professor

1996.10-1997.10 Institute of Organic Chemistry, University of Karlsruhe, Germany Postdoctor

1998.8-present Department of Chemistry, TsinghuaUniversity Professor


1.Chemical synthetic vaccine

2.Pattern recognition receptor agonist

3.Novel adjuvant for COVID-19 vaccines

4.Protein chemical modification

5.Modified protein synthesis

6.The influence of post-translational modification on neurodegenerative disease-related proteins

7.Strategies for inhibiting the precipitation of proteins related to neurodegenerative diseases


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