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Prof. Dr. Qiang Li graduated from Dept. of Material Science & Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1985, and received his Ph.D in the State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing, Wuhan University of Technology in 1993. He moved to the Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University, as a full professor in materials chemistry, in 2000, from Wuhan University of Technology, where he ever worked as an associate professor and professor in materials science since his graduation. His research interests were mainly focused on crystal materials & crystal growth, crystallology, ferroelectric (anti-ferroelectric) materials and related functional materials synthesis etc. He was the Senior Member of the Chinese Materials Research Society(C-MRS) Youth Branch and the Member of the Chinese Ceramic Society Crystal Growth & Materials Branch .




An Introduction to Material Chemistry

Crystallophysics & Crystallochemistry

General Chemistry A


Crystal Chemistry(Ⅱ) (2003)

Crystal Growth-Processes & Techniques (1999)

Fundamentals of Crystal Growth (1998)



Synthesis and Single Crystal Gowth of Relaxor Ferroelectric(Anti-Ferroelectric) Materials, ( PLZST, PMNT, PMN-PZT etc.)

Magnetic & Magnetostrictive Single Crystals(Tb-Dy-Fe, Sm-Dy-Fe, Ce:YIG, (NiZn)Fe2O3etc.)

Advanced Single Crystals and Growth Techniques(Magnetic Levitation Cold Crucible in CZ Technique, CZ, BM etc.)

Inorganic Materials Synthesis and Advanced Functional Materials



Standing Member of the Chinese Materials Research Society(C-MRS) Youth Branch



Science & Technology Progress Prize of HubeiProvince (2002, 2nd Grade)

Ministerial Science & Technology Progress Prize (1999, 2nd Grade)

National Invention Prize (1997 3rd Grade)

Ministerial Science & Technology Progress Prize (1996, 2nd Grade)

Youth Science & Technology Prize (1995, HubeiProvince)

State Key Lab. Prize (1994, Golden Bulk Prize)



“A method of preparing single crystal RFe2 with magnetic levitation cold crucible in CZ technique”

Chinese Invention Patent, CIP. ZL 91108418.5

“A method of purifying rare earth metals with magnetic levitation cold boat”

Chinese Invention Patent, CIP. ZL 91108419.3


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