Prof. Yuefei HU


Prof. Hu, born in 1957; Ph. D. in 1987 from Nanjing University, China. Postdoctoral fellow with Professor G. R. Newkome at Center of Molecular Design and Recognition in University of South Florida (1988-1990); Research associate with Professor D. F. Covey at Department of Molecular Biology and Pharmacology in Washington University Medical School (St. Louis) (1991-1996). Senior Visiting Scholar in Professor B. M. Trost group at Department of Chemistry in Stanford University (2008.01-2008.7); Professor of Nanjing University (1996-2002) and Professor of Tsinghua University (2002-). “Across Century Outstanding Young Scientist Award” from the Ministry of Education of China (1997), “National Outstanding Young Scientist Award” from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (2000), “Outstanding Young Synthetic Organic Chemist Award” from the Chinese Chemical Society (2000).



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