Prof. Guoan LUO

Prof. Luo, born in 1946, graduated from the department of biochemical engineering in 1969 and received his Master in the Department of Chemistry, East China University of Science and Technology in 1982. He is now the director of Modern Research Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tsinghua University, director of Internet Collaborative Study Center of TCM Modernization of Ministry of Education, Member of the expert council of National S&T Major Project on R&D of Innovative Drugs, Chairman of Chinese Biopharmaceutical Technology Association, Vice President of China Medicine of Minorties Association, Member of State Pharmacopeia Commission of China, and Associate Editor-in-chief of Pharmacopoeia of P.R.China (Eng.). His research interests are focused on bio-analytical chemistry and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has published more than 550 peer-reviewed papers, five monographs and claimed for 38 patents for invention. He has won many prizes such as twice of National Scientific and Technological Advancement Prize and approved to receive the State Council special allowance.


Selected Publications:

1. Luo GA, Wang YM, Liang QL, Liu QF, Systems Biology Study on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing, Science Press, Oct 2010.

2. Luo GA, Liang QL, Wang YM, TCM Fingerprint: Quality Evaluation, Quality Control and Drug Innovation, Beijing, Chemical Engineering Press, Oct 2009.

3. Luo GA, Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Analysis, Beijing, Chemical Engineering Press, July 2007.

4. Ren K N, Liang QL, Yao B, Luo GA, Wang LD, Gao Y, Wang YM, Qiu Y, Whole column fluorescence imaging on a microchip by using a programmed organic light emitting diode array as a spatial-scanning light source and a single photomultiplier tube as detector, Lab on a Chip, 2007, 7, 1574-1580.

5. Yao B, Yang HH, Liang QL, Luo GA, Wang LD, Ren KN, Gao YD, Wang YM, Qiu Y, High-speed, whole-column fluorescence imaging detection for isoelectric focusing on a microchip using an organic light emitting diode as light source, Analytical Chemistry, 2006, 78, 5845-5850.